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Our website is here to showcase Pinballs and Arcades that we either personally own or have serviced and/or sold to other enthusaists!  We hope to bring some informationa as well as enjoyment to everyone who views our page. Send us an email and let us know what you think or if you see something you like! 

Recent Additions

High Speed - 5/2/16

Kyle's Machines

Wonder what games Kyle likes to keep around to play?  Take a tour of Kyle's Arcade and see his current line-up as well as what he has owned in the past.



Tyrel's Machines

Tyrel is always on the hunt for the next machine, even when he's out of space.  Tyrel's Arcade might not have much space but he likes adding new machines!



Parts and Mods

Do you have a part that is missing or broke?  Help me, help you!  In the Parts and Mods area I have some parts that I have reproduced to get my pinballs back in working order.  Please email me at tilted.pin@gmail.com if you have a request.

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