High Speed was produced by Williams Manufacturing Co. in October of 1986.  This machine featured 2 flippers, Vortex skill shot, 2 banks of 5 standing targets one of which lowers into playfield, 2 single standing targets, 3 pop bumpers, 3 kick-out, 1 ramp, and a 2 ball multi-ball.


Number of Players: 4


Internet Pinball Database Information

Pinbot Initial Condition

Wear spot from kick-out hole

Fix-it List

  • Clean and fix battery damage and instill NVRAM
  • Fix the display showing B and D segments all the time
  • Playfield needs cleaned, new rubbers installed, Plastics Cleaned, new leg bolts, legs buffed.
  • New plunger
  • Flippers need rebuilt
  • Pop bumpers need rebuilt
  • Lift ramp needs adjusted
  • Replace all coil sleeves
  • Drop targets cleaned
  • Visor Target mechanism cleaned and adjusted.
  • Vortex Ramp is broken like most


Battery Damage

Small spot of acid damage from batteries that leaked at some point. The components in this area will be removed the board cleaned and protected from further damage. The batteries were removed and no other signs of acid damage were found.  NVRAM (non-volitale RAM) from Pinball Electronics was installed that no longer needs the batteries to hold settings. This will prevent damage to the board from leaking batteries.

Display Issue

The Alpha-numeric portions of the display were turning on segments that should not be displayed.  It appeared that segments B and D were always being displayed when there was a character being displayed.  On closer inspection some letters did not have the issue such as K, pointing towards a short.


With all the harnesses removed from the display driver board the lines for segments B and D were found to be shorted together.  No visible short could be found on the board so Chip U14 was pulled to test out of the board. Under U14 a tiny solder bridge was found which fixed the display problem



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