Kyle's Arcade

So you want to see what games Kyle enjoys playing enough to keep in his personal collection? You found the right page!  Kyle enjoys pinballs most of all, but that doesn't mean he can't play some video arcades.  Kyle's first machine he ever owned, and still owns, is a Dig Dug that was given to him dead.  This machine is where the passion to repair these machines came from. Kyle now has a little bit of everything, from Video Arcades to Pinballs to EM Arcades, he's not bias as long as they are fun!




What will stay in the line-up?



  • Pin*bot
  • F-14
  • Hook
  • Big Guns
  • Card Whiz
  • Playchoice
  • Dig Dug
  • Neo Geo (4 Slot)
  • Wild Kingdom (EM)
  • Tango Shuffle Bowler
  • Chicago Coin Speedway
  • Chicago Coin Motorcycle



What is in the personal repair queue?


  • United Alamo Ball Bowler
  • Williams Line Drive Pitch and Bat


Place Holders

What will eventually need a hew home?


  • Ms. Pacman


Story Time!

From Kyle's perspective...

The First

Here it is!  The machine that started it all and the first picture of it brought back to life.  Knowing nothing about monitors and a little help from the internet, it turns out that Dig Dug had a cracked flyback transformer.  Nothing like diving in head first after watching a couple Youtube videos, the flyback was replaced, new capacitors and with the flick of the switch a scrolling picture of Dig Dug could be seen.  Call it being the first machine or Dig Dug just being a great game but it will hold a spot for years to come.

Security Check Point

I went a short while with only Dig Dug sitting in the corner before the search started for another arcade.  After searching the usual market place, Craigslist, I stumbled on an ad for four machines in mostly working order.  After a quick response from the posting party this was not going to be your usual pick up, we have security to get through.  The gentleman in charge of Fort Riley's "entertainment" division had some extra machines taking up space and needed them gone.  This is were Turkey Hunt, Rapid Fire, and 2 - Soul Calibur 2 came from.  Nothing like going through armed security to pick up a couple of cheap games.

Cards in the Rain

 After cleaning up a Gottlieb Royal Flush, I knew I needed to find one of my own.  The nine drop targets needed to score the bonus and trying to get all 3 Jokers lite made this a fun challenging EM pinball I couldn't get enough of.  Eventually I found a Card Whiz (2 player version of Royal Flush) close enough to get and added it to the collection.  The picture to the right is Card Whiz jammed into the back seat of a Chevy Silverado to make the trip home from Kansas City in a rain storm.  Where there is will, there is a way.

Parting Words


Here are the games that slowly had to make way for the current line-up.  Gone but not forgotten

  • Turkey Hunting USA
  • Rapid Fire (Video Game)
  • Soul Calibur 2
  • TMNT Turtles in Time 4 player
  • San Francisco Rush


  • Lock-on
  • Super Offroad 3 Player
  • Contra
  • TMNT Pinball
  • Baby Pacman



Games Added!

Pinbot - 9/7/16

Playchoice - 8/25/16

Dig Dug - 8/24/16

Off Road 3 Player - 8/24/16

Off Road 2 Player - 8/24/16

High Speed - 5/2/16



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