Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road

Super Off Road was produced in 1989 by Leland.  There were a few different configuration that were released.  There was a 1-player, 2-player and 3-player version as well as an upgrade Track Pak.  The Track Pak added different coarses as well as another vehicle, the dune buggy.


The object of the game is to beat Ivan Stewart (white truck) and collect money through wins or on track cash pick ups. At the end of each race players can buy nitro, upgrade acceleration, tires, top speed, and shocks.


The Track Pak version has 8 new tracks and also let the player choose between the truck and dune buggy for vehicle.  The truck has better top speed and traction while the dune buggy has better acceleration and suspension.

2-Player with Track Pak

Known Issues

  • Graphics errors (Fixed 5vdc was 6.5vdc)
  • Monitor goes blank after 20 minutes  (Fixed 5vdc was 6.5vdc)
  • Monitor will get all new electrolitic capacitors
  • Top right corner of the monitor needs purity adjusted

Top right has a purity issue causing the blue.


Graphics issue



  • Power supply 5vdc was reading 6.5vdc, after adjusting down to 5vdc this cleared up a few of the problems being seen.  When the game was on the trophy screen, some of the sprites would display up side down.  The game no longer stops outputing video signal.


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