Nugget was produced by United Amusement Co. in 1977



Nugget is a tridtional six player shuffle alley with five game modes.  The game modes are: Stike 90, 6th Frame, Regulation, Flash, & 30/20.


  • Strike 90: Regulation scoring except strikes are worth 90 pins.
  • 6th Frame:  6 frames are bowled in this game using the scoring from flash.  The first frame is worth 300 for a strike 100 for a spare and ends in the 6th frame is 800 for a strike and 500 for a spare.
  • Regulation: Regulation scoring
  • Flash: During your first throw, lights flash across the lane indicating the level of bonus points should you obtain a strike or a spare. Once the puck drops the first pin contact, the light freezes in place indicating the players strike/spare bonus for that frame.
  • 30/20: Regulation scoring except strikes are worth 30 pins and spares worth 20 pins.


Each game mode is played with tradtional bowling rules except that the scoring rules change with each game mode.


A neat feature of Nugget is the "Beer Frame".  The Beer Frame can be set in the back box for the third, fifth, or seventh frame.   During the pre set frame, Beer Frame is iluminated up in the bottom glass.  It has no effect on the scoring, only to notify the players that they are in the Beer Frame.

Parallel with bowling leagues across the nation, tradtion is that during the Beer Frame, the player who throws the lowest score has to buy the next round of drinks.

Repairs Made

  • Leaf Swithces cleaned and aligned.
  • Score Reels cleaned.
  • Credit button added for free play.
  • Lower front glass replaced.
  • Several light sockets replaced
  • Lane cleaned and waxed


New Home

Nugget has found its way to Great Bend, Kansas to its new home.  We are getting geared up for a moving Kansas Shuffle bowling tournament.

Nugget disassembled to transport.  It breaks down into 5 managable pieces.



Set up and ready to play!  It's new owner Casey is ready to throw a few pucks.




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High Speed - 5/2/16



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