Royal Flush

Royal Flush was produced by D. Gottlieb & Co. starting in April of 1976.  This machine featured 2 flippers, 9 drop targets, 1 pop bumper, and 1 kick-out hole.


Number of Players: 4


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Game Play

  • Hitting Joker stand-up target or roll-over switch lights corresponding roll-over switch and kick-out specials.
  • Right upper roll over switch activates right outlane save gate.
  • Bonuses are rewarded for hitting drop targets, multiple bonus can be rewarded.  Ball 2 and 3 give double bonus.
  • 1000 point bonus for both K's or both J's
  • 2000 point bonus for both K's and both J's
  • 3000 point bonus for three Q's
  • 4000 point bonus for three Q's and either both K's or both J's.
  • 5000 point bonus for Royal Flush (Red - A, K, Q, J, and 10)


Work Done

  • Cleaned score reels and adjusted reel switches.
  • Adjusted all of the game logic switches and reworked sub standard wire soldering.
  • Cleaned cabinet inside and out.
  • Clear coated the playfield with automotive clear.
  • Repainted drop targets and installed new dip targets behind.
  • Rebuild both flippers and adjusted pop bumper and slings.
  • Installed new rubbers and replaced all of the lamps with cooler #47 bulbs.


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