This is were you will find everything arcade.  From our past project machines to our personal arcades to the junk in the garage.  We love arcades and our garages show it!

The Arcade

EM Pinball



EM Arcades



Personal Arcades

Kyle's Arcade

Kyle currently has 10 arcade machines in his collection. 3-1/2 pinballs (Baby Pacman?), 3-1/2 Video Arcades, 2 EM Arcades, and a Shuffle Bowler.



Tyrel's Arcade

Tyrel currently has 2 machines in his collection, he is a new comer to arcade ownership.  He has a Pitch and Bat and a Shuffle Bowler.




Games Added!

Pinbot - 9/7/16

Playchoice - 8/25/16

Dig Dug - 8/24/16

Off Road 3 Player - 8/24/16

Off Road 2 Player - 8/24/16

High Speed - 5/2/16



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