Dig Dug

Dig Dug was produced by Atari in 1982.  Players take turns digging through an underground level clearing all the enemy to advance to the next.  There are two different enemies the player is trying to kill.  Pooka which are red, round mosters that are wearing yellow goggles and Fygar which are green dragons that occationally shoot fire.


There are two ways for kill an enemy, the first is by using a bicycle air pump to inflate the enemy until they burst.  It takes four pumps to inflate the enemy until they burst.  There are four different score zones that the deeper you are the more point are rewarded.  Pooka scores 200 to 500 points whether popped vertically or horizontally.  Fygar has different scores for when its popped vertically verse horizontal.  Since Fygar shoots fire, horizontal scores are higher than vertical where a player is safe from the fire.  Vertically Fygar scores 200 to 500 and is doubled in the horizontal at 400 to 1000 points.


The other way to kill an enemy is buy digging under a rock and allowing it to crush the enemy.  Depth does not matter when crushing an enemy but higher points can be optained by crushing more than one enemy at a time. They are as followed:

  1. 1000pts
  2. 2500pts
  3. 4000pts
  4. 6000pts
  5. 8000pts
  6. 10000pts
  7. 12000pts
  8. 15000pts


There are bonus vegetables that appear in the center after a certain amount of time that increase in points as the levels increase.

Game turned off to show art details



Control panel Instructions



Game Fixes

  • Flyback transformer was replaced because it had a crack, capacitors were replaced
  • Controls were cleaned and rubber grommet replaced in the joystick.


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