High Speed

High Speed was produced by Williams manufacturing Co. in January of 1986.  This machine featured 3 flippers, 5 banks of 3 standing targets, 3 pop bumpers, a kick-out, 1 ramp with diverter, 3 spinning targets, an outlane kick back, and a 3 ball multi-ball.


Number of Players: 4


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Work Done

  • Replaced Molex connectors on power supply, and wireharness molex for the GI.
  • Rebuilt flippers and pop bumpers
  • Replaced all coil sleeves
  • Replaced Kickout saucer cup
  • Replaced Green light bank standup target, re-adjusted standup targets.
  • There was green overspray covering the playfield so the playfield was wet sanded to remove the residue.
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