Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom was produced by Midway Manufacturing Co. in 1971.



Wild Kingdom is a unique rifle arcade as the player is shooting against a mechanical opponent, Jungle Charlie.  There are 4 different targets, a crocodile that moves to center from the left, a tiger that moves to center from the right, an elephant that constantly moves from side to side, and the leapers at the back that have zebras and gazelles.


At the start of the game a random high score is selected when the player pulls the trigger for the first time.  A light on the backglass high lights a number from 3000 to 6500 incrimented by 500.  The crocodile, tiger, and elephant each score 200 points when the player hits them. The leapers score 400 for a successful shot. The player has 25 shots to hit as many animals but jungle Charlies shots count towards the 25 total shots.  At the end of the 25 shots, if the player has beat the high score either 15 extra shots are rewarded or a free credit.


The sound was produced from a circuit board that had a different sound for each animal, jungle charlies gun, and the players gun.  Background sounds where produced from an 8-track player.



Cabinet Pictures


Repairs Made


  • The original coin door had a different style coin accepter, a different coin door was purchased and the holes welded and bondo applied.  A fresh coat of paint was applied
  • The boards the gun mounted to were glued
  • The gun was redone and a new coat of paint was applied to the base, and the barrel.
  • The playfield was cleaned and a few parts reglued.
  • Switches were adjusted and cleaned.
  • Currently looking for an 8-track player or switching to MP3 for background sounds.



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