Williams F-14 Tomcat

After getting this machine home and set up, it was time for the big look over.  I had looked the electronics over when purchasing to look for any major issues that I could see in the guys dimly lit living room.  I knew this machine wasn't perfect but I played a couple of games and everything mechanically seemed to work. The flippers all needed rebuilt, the pop bumper needed some work but at the time purchase it seemed like a solid machine.  There was another F-14 sitting next to this one in his living room that from the outside looked extremely good.  He had repainted the cabinet, replaced the lights with LED's and it looked good in the light.


After setting my new pinball up in the living room I started to notice a few problems.  Only 1 of the flash lamps lit up.  Checked under the playfield and saw that most of the old ceramic resistors had fallen off the flash lamp boards.  The flippers where worse than I thought one of the upper flippers was extremely loose and needed a new bushing.

New balls, check! Cleaned playfield, check! Raised inserts, check! Raised inserts that cause the balls to leave the playfield, great...


The playfield was taken down to the bare playfield, cleaned, new rubber installed, new lamps until I can figure out what LED's need to go where.  It still has some darkened paint from dirt being ground into the paint where the mylar doesn't cover it.  There is paint missing from the left outlane return kicker, "Hitman is missing some paint and around the top loop there is a paintless groove.

Replace all the Ceramic resistors for the flash lamps so they all work.  I then noticed that some of the playfield insert lights were out. Checked the back box and saw a missing ceramic resistor, replaced it.  Played one ball shut it off and the resistor was extremely HOT! Replaced a bad transistor and that leg of the controlled lights now works.


Time to start either finding a replacement beacon mechanism or build one.  Heck, lets build one.


Games Added!

Pinbot - 9/7/16

Playchoice - 8/25/16

Dig Dug - 8/24/16

Off Road 3 Player - 8/24/16

Off Road 2 Player - 8/24/16

High Speed - 5/2/16



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